Was Christopher Columbus A Man Responsible For The Decimation Of Three Major Civilizations

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Thesis: Christopher Columbus was a man responsible for the decimation of three major civilizations, as well as the ultimate genocide of the indigenous peoples as a whole, one of the largest in human history. Columbus alone committed an array of horrific acts, using the Indians as sex slaves and extorting them for labor, stealing their land and goods, and hunting them for sport and dog food. His choices and treatment influenced how other would later view and deal with the Indians, eventually leading to their near extinction. Most of us know very little about the people who roamed our lands before we “discovered them”, and instead praise one man’s inaccurate claims. and that is why we should replace Columbus Day, which credits a man for deeds he did not do and ignores acts he did commit, and instead utilize the holiday to honor the indigenous peoples who were here before Columbus.


1.Claim: His legacy is, for the most part, founded on rumors and false information. Argument: Columbus did not discover the Americas, nor did he ever set foot on North America. He also never intended on discovering a “New World” and upon his arrival believed he had made it to his original destination: Asia.

2.Claim: Columbus was a rapist and murderer. Argument: He (and his men) used the Indians as sex slaves, hunted them, set up a tyranist system that involved chopping off body parts as punishment, extorted them for labor, etc.

3.Claim: Columbus’ deeds negatively and permanently…

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