Warrant For An Arrest Warrant Essay

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An arrest warrant is a writing order from a judge allowing the police to arrest a specific person. The police have the right to haul you in to jail, charge you, arraign you and then your freedom depends upon the judge and your bail. Most of the time, you are not made aware that an arrest warrant has been issued against you until the police actually arrest you. A search warrant is a paper signed by a judge to give authorization to the police to gather information concerning a crime or to search a special place for specific persons or items, including drugs, stolen goods, burglars ' tools... For example: Police are allowed to enter a home to make an arrest or look for specific documents that may need in the upcoming trial. They do not have to wait for the suspect to come out.
However, Miranda rights are supposed to be read to the suspect at the time of arrest and before questioning. For example, an arrest warrant would be "we have a warrant for your arrest because we believe you are selling drugs", whereas a search warrant would be more "we have a warrant to search your house because we suspect you are selling drugs and we have the right to obtain evidence".
The differences between search warrants and arrest warrants are:
a) Arrest warrants can be made after a person was already arrested while search warrants usually issued before any arrests being made.
b) Arrest warrants may be made after an indictment while search warrants are generally made before any charges are…

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