Essay on War Is An Horrible Thing

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War is an awful thing. War makes people do terrible things. While war can form great bonds between people, war destroys greater bonds between people and nations. The books In My Hands, and Night, both tell the tales of what happened during the massacre of the Jews. During WWII, many Jews were captured and put into concentration camps by the Nazis in Germany and were later killed. In My Hands is about Irene and how she survived pretending to be a German girl, while she was actually Polish, and how she helped out the Jews during that time and how she saved 11 of them from the massacre. Night is about a boy named Elie Wiesel and how he and his family were put into Auschwitz, the concentration camp and how he survived it. The natural state of humanity is that we are naturally good and we will naturally make decisions to help people and others even when it does nothing good for us. War shapes our humanity by making us more evil. War makes us do irrational and inhumane things to stay alive. When we are at war we are in survive mode, we will do anything to keep us alive such as listen to dictatorial authority and even kill others if necessary in order to survive. War brings out the worst in people by making them do inhumane and evil things. In the story In My Hands, Irene watches a Nazi grab a mother’s baby, throw it up in the air, use it for target practice. Then he shoots the horrified mother. From this experience Irene wrote, “I saw an officer make a flinging movement with his…

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