War I Vs. World War II Essay

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Contrasting World War I versus. World War II History is the past, and it’s important to reflect on the past, to help ensure that as a society we don’t repeat mistakes. At the time of both World War I and World War II, each became the largest war in history up until that point. Each war shared tremendous amounts of death, and the involvement of many countries, so it’s crucial to analyze the causes and the factors of each war to truly see the nature of the circumstances revolving both wars. Both World War I and World War II share many different aspects, but at the same time, they each to their own hold unique characteristics. The goal is to contrast differences between the qualities each share, and circumstances surrounding each.
There is no better way to comprehend and analyze the severity of a war than looking at the casualties suffered during the duration of the conflict. Each war at its respective time was the bloodiest war to ever occur in history, but while alike in that regard, they could not be any further apart. When referring to casualties, the deaths come from all causes, not just military. The deaths of civilians play just as much as a role in the destruction, as the military deaths do. World War I caused “incredible destruction, About 9 million soldiers died as a result of the war, more than in any previous conflict. About 21 million troops were wounded. Germany and Russia each suffered nearly 2 million battle deaths...societies struggled to care for widows,…

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