War I And The American Dream Essay

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After World War I, Americans in the United States could approach the American dream in a much more positive way. War was one less problem to worry about, now people were focusing on themselves. Life was looking good, in fact, sugar was being rationed until 1953, so people can start using sugar at their own waste, and meat came off ration the following year. Karen Brohl states that,”Part of that dream included the comforts of home ownership and the opportunity to start a family.” This quote states that, people in that era were living a liberal and content life that was free of worries and filled with dreams. The American Dream in the 1950’s was centered around employment issues, housing, education, and electricity, but also there were differences between back then and now.
Employment back in the 50s was a very broad, tough, interactive, and beneficial topic and practice. Although people have an idea that the 50’s employment was no big deal due to the fact that people looked so cheerful back then, this assumption is very incorrect. The things people went through back then was different from now. In the 1950’s 80% of all men were employed. This proves how better employment was back then, but what did these men do? In 1952, statistics showed that workers had to work 48 hours a week. These workers gave it all up for their jobs and families with an immense amount of dedication and time. The averaged 20% unemployed people that were left, proved to stay averagely unemployed for…

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