Walter White Character Analysis

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Walter White is the main protagonist in the television show Breaking Bad. He graduated out of California Institute of Technology as a chemist back in the mid-1980; he landed a job as a public high school teacher at J.P. Wynne High School at Albuquerque in New Mexico. When he turned fifty years old, he finds out that he was diagnosed with Stage 3A inoperable lung cancer. He realized he was dying, and started cooking crystal meth so that he can leave some money behind for his family. He became a very popular drug dealer and was extremely feared in the drug world, and by then he started getting respect as Heisenberg, something Walter White never had. But he doesn’t get a lot of respect from his family, friends or society as Walter White. But as …show more content…
It was not long after they started selling some of their products to a well-known drug lord by the name of Crazy 8. That 's when Walter White had to make one of the biggest decisions in his life. He had no choice but to kill Crazy 8 by gassing him to death in his RV because Jessie life was at danger. But Walt was really hesitant to do so because he never killed anyone before. However what really drove Walt courage to kill Crazy 8 was because throughout his whole life he always had plenty of hate build up inside of him. From kids bullying his disable son, and how he lost the chance of a lifetime of becoming rich, but his former best friend took all of his hard work and recognition away from him, which led him to become a teacher. But he realizes that killing is the rule of the drug game, he just did not want to accept it. He just needed what it has to be done in order to provide for his family. At that point, he decided to give himself a second name as Mr. Heisenberg, so that no harm can come to his love ones. That same day he goes to tell his family he has an untreatable cancer. He does this because he needed comfort from someone so that he can forget about the whole ordeal of him killing Crazy …show more content…
He lost everything he worked for as Heisenberg, in a blink of an eye. He has now been at hiding for at least a year without any form of interaction with his love ones. He waits for the right time, to come back to his town so that he can give the rest of the money to his family, but he 's just frustrated of the fact that he can 't see the family joy when they receive a large amount of check by an unknown person.
In conclusion, Walter White is an unknown person ones again. The notoriety he had before he became a crime boss is all gone, all thanks to Heisenberg. He is a good example of how far a father would go to protect and provide for his family. Walter ends with a quote saying “my family doesn 't love me anymore, it was all I had, but now it’s all gone”

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