Walmart, Target, Or Any Other Small Businesses Are Completely Reliant On Their Customers, And The Economy

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In America you have the choice of going to Walmart, Lowes Foods, Target, or any other large grocery/superstore, but what if instead of going to one of those large businesses you stopped at a small business and helped out the local economy? Not only would you be helping the owners and employees financially, you would be supporting the local economy which helps create more jobs than large retailers, encourages the other local competitors, and discourages the waste of products.
Without customers a small business has no point in existing, the amount of customers a business has is dependent on the price and condition of the store. As Rebecca Tonn, the associate editor at the Colorado Springs Business Journal, says, “If a business showed a decline during the last two years because of the economy, he said, then financial institutions are less inclined to lend to that businesses, sole proprietorships and small companies might have difficulty separating their business and personal assets.” Small businesses are completely reliant on their customers, and the economy. When times are tough they have to increase their prices and their customer count may lower, thus lowering their own paychecks. Differentiating between personal money and that set aside for the business may be difficult when they struggle to put food on the table or provide for their community. When you buy from small businesses you are not putting money into the pockets of millionaires who think only of the…

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