Essay about Walmart And The Walmart Organization

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It is no secret that Walmart is one of the most well-known retail organizations in the United States, perhaps even in the world. A businessman with vision set out to prove that discount stores can be successful (Sam Walton Biography, n.d.). Throughout this paper it is my intent to provide an analysis of the Walmart organization. In my analysis I plan discuss a few issues the company is facing, and the impact of those issues. I will also provide strategies to help combat those issues and provide my plan of action recommendation.
Company Profile Walmart is a big name American company founded by Samuel Walton in Rogers, Arkansas back in 1962 (Our History, n.d.). Prior to the opening of Walmart Samuel Walton often known as “Mr. Sam,” was the successful owner of a five & dime store in Bentonville, Arkansas (Our History, n.d.). The success of the five & dime store motived Walton to find a way in which he could bring even more value and benefits to his customers; his plan was to open new stores in smaller towns and thus Walmart was born (Our History, n.d.). By 1967 the Walton family was responsible for opening 24 stores brining in approximately $12 plus million in revenue (Our History, n.d.). In 1969 Walmart officially became incorporated and became known as Walmart Stores, Inc (Our History, n.d.)Walmart went public in 1970, and the money earned funded the company’s growth (Our History, n.d.). From conception Walmart has strived to impact the lives of its customers; Walton…

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