Walmart : A Customer Relationship And Leverage Strategy Essay

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My recommendations are that Walgreens should focus on a customer relationship and leverage strategy. Without the customer this business means nothing. By building but their relationship with their customer they will be able to keep their current spot as the number one pharmacy in the United States. There are three goals that Walgreens should work on in the future to help accomplish these strategies they are; improving supply chain, increasing beauty product sales and increasing customer satisfaction. They should be completed in the order that they are listed. By improving supply chain first they can lower prices and reach products that they could not beforehand. There are not many changes the organization needs in order to implement these strategies. Time and money are of the essence. Reviews need to be completed on a quarterly basis to monitor how these goals are progressing. After the reviews, revisions can be completed to keep the goals on track. After the goals are completed Walgreens will have a better customer relationship and understand just want their customer wants. They will be better aligned with their goal of creating a happier and healthier world!
Historical Background and Present Context,
Walgreens is a one stop shop for consumers all over the world. They offer general merchandise, beauty products, photo processing and finishing, as well as prescription drugs. It all started in 1901, when Charles R. Walgreen Sr. purchased the…

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