W. E. D. Dubois Biography Essay

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The great W.E.D. DuBois (William Edward Burghardt DuBois) had an essential role that played with the NAACP (National Association for the Color People). DuBois traveled around the world to education African Americans to teach them you can have the knowledge to be someone. He accomplished more then what people could do in that time period; he was an historian, sociologist, author, and an editor. W.E.D. DuBois was a proud African American who disliked discrimination; loved his education, inspiration, loved his family, and was a part of the NAACP. DuBois was born on February 23, 1868 during the term of President Andrew Johnson and in the Great Barrington, Massachusetts. He was the only African American going to public school. He published his first writings in 1883 in the New York Global and it targeted many African Americans. Furthermore within two years he had published about twenty-seven different articles and was becoming known. In 1888 DuBois received his degree from Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee. But DuBois did not stop he went to further his education and was the first African American to receive a Ph.D. I think even since W.E.D. Dubois went to college, he had opened up the people of Americans eyes, and created away for African …show more content…
He thought of ways to become a better man by fighting for the rights to helped African Americans. DuBois only follow his dream and never gave up on his believes to make this world a better place for African Americans to have the same opportunities as whites. He was a great writer, gifted in many ways, and could have become anything he set his mind to accomplish. W.E.D. Dubois had a family who supported him and that he would have done anything for them. He believed that education was the key to success for himself and others. He became a member of the NAACP as the director of the special research, when he returned because of all the knowledge he

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