Vygotsky And Erikson : Theories Of Child Development Essay

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Piaget, Vygotsky and Erikson all discuss theories of child development giving those who teach high school insight about the level of cognitive development students should be able to achieve academically, socially and psychological.

Piaget believes that children experience specific levels of development at predetermined ages. All children according to Piaget ”are born with a very basic mental structure on which all subsequent learning and knowledge is based”(1). Children then use this basic structure to develop schemas about routines in life and as they grow older they adapt those schemas with new information and mental abilities. By high school students should be in the formal operational stage of development and should have been at this stage for a number of years. This stage is also the last stage and where they will remain for the rest of their lives. They should be able in this stage to engage in abstract reasoning. On thing mentioned in the simply psychology article that surprised me was several studies have been conducted showing that many college student and adults are unable to complete formal operation task (6). This is alarming because this is a stage that should be reached around age eleven. My subject area that I am teaching now involves a lot of abstract thing. Which I previously believe that all students of this age- expect those with mental delays- should be able to do. This information has cause me to think that instead of seeing the abstract task I give…

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