Vulnerable Population : Obese Children Essay

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Vulnerable Population: Obese Children Childhood is fraught with many struggles which can be exacerbated by being obese. Children are a vulnerable population because they rely heavily on their caretakers and society to help them make healthy and safe choices. The number of factors that contribute to the current childhood obesity problem are numerous and beyond the scope of the following analysis. However, this analysis will provide the reader with an introduction for this and an understanding that there are several known contributing factors and preventions, as well as more to be understood, regarding childhood obesity.
Obese Children, Characteristics, and Vulnerability
The specific population under consideration in this paper are those individuals who are newborns to twelve years old living in the United States and who are obese. Erik Erickson, the influential lifespan development psychologist, described ways in which if the stages of early life are not successfully completed, by positively interacting with others and their environment, then children will likely grow up to not trust others, be self-initiative lacking, or feel inferior to others if proper intervention is not implemented. Children are highly influential during the early phase of their life because they do not have a strong personal identity (McLeod, 2016). Researchers have shown that childhood obesity is associated with increased risk of developing adulthood medical, social, and psychological illness…

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