Vulnerability Assessment Of A New Vulnerability Management Model

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When it comes to data security, nothing is more important than understanding where you are most vulnerable. This is why many companies have realized that annual vulnerability assessments aren’t sufficient. Under a new vulnerability management model, successful companies have moved to monthly or quarterly scanning.
Vulnerability assessments are still only a small part of the battle, though. While increasing the frequency of tests has helped provide organizations with a much better understanding of their current security vulnerabilities, it has also created a significant challenge in that those responsible for fixing the vulnerabilities become overwhelmed.
This eBook outlines an approach for adopting a well-defined, consistent methodology to help your teams slice and dice vulnerability information, as well as how to address critical fixes that will have an immediate effect in reducing risk.

The Basis for a New Methodology

Compliance and regulatory requirements point to regular vulnerability scanning as part of a complete and balanced security program. Companies that once hesitated at the scan are realizing that not only does it make sense, but it can translate to significant time saved over time.
Out of 76 companies that had their web applications tested for a survey, 86% had a least
1 high or serious vulnerability. Furthermore, each of the sites yielded an average of 56 different vulnerabilities.…

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