Pros And Cons Of Seismic Imaging Technology: Evolution And Development

Glad Bernard Toppo
Campbellsville University

The first two heading levels get their own paragraph, as shown here. Headings 3, 4, and 5 are run-in headings used at the beginning of the paragraph.
Seismic Imaging Technology. How it works and how it has helped Chevron discover new oil and gas reservoirs.
Also known as Reflection Seismology, this is an exploration method used by oil and gas companies to gauge and estimate the seismic characters of the Earth’s sub-surface. The way it works is, it uses sound waves to bounce off the surface of underground rock structures to reveal possible locations of crude and natural gas. The echoes that bounce off this formation underground is recorded by devices known as
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The administrators of these systems are key to identifying these vulnerabilities and they need to ensure the vulnerabilities are fixed immediately. Also, working together as a community can help everyone involved to be prepared for any unintended attacks.

Pros and Cons of moving traditional on-premise applications to the cloud
Many small to medium business have already move some or most of their app stacks to the cloud. A recent study by Forrester reveals that out of 19 small businesses, every two of them believe cloud application hosting is a high priority and the number grew to 25% for medium business.
There are many benefits to having the applications on the cloud. The major benefits are scalability, cost provisioning being zero and massively less infrastructure to manage. Hosting apps in the cloud can also save business money in a lot of ways.
The major drawbacks are well in my opinion quite major with the biggest drawback to be outages. If an outage occurs, this will take the entire app stack down which could result in heavy losses for the businesses invested in this
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Internet SSO are usually used in web browsers to provide a single sign on through a web page into multiple applications or services. Intranet SSO are mostly used in enterprises where the identity management is administered by the company and help them login into multiple business applications, websites and services. A good SSO application in this field is OKTA. Extranet SSO are multi-domain SSO that helps business merge with other business towards collaboration. SSO provides a seamless experience while collaborating.

Importance of business literacy for a CIO or and IT executive
As a CIO or top IT executive of an organization it is imperative for you to make critical decisions on multiple technological and business aspects for your organization. They need to ensure the decisions they make are adhering to the strategic objectives of the organization.
Making sense of what is being expressed and the ability to determine the meaning of it is a key driver towards making better business decisions. Adaptive thinking and coming up with solutions, are some of the literacy skills a CIO will

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