Voting Rights Act of 1965 Essay

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I. Statement of subject/research topic My research topic is the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and I chose this topic because I always found it amusing that it took so long for African Americans to legally be allowed to vote. I also thought this topic was appropriate since we now have an African American president, and the African Americans citizens need to know that voting I important because we didn’t always have that right. II. Statement of research question, hypothesis Topic: Voting Rights Act of 1965 Issue: Importance of voting for African Americans in 2010. Research Question: How did the Voting Rights Act of 1965 affect the outcome of the 2010 presidency? …show more content…
Even though my topic occurred in 1965, 45 years later, its still a major issue, because even though we now have the right, it’s still not being exercised and that’s not okay. VI. Statement of Qualification I am more than qualified to carry out this research because I am highly educated on the situation and my research can only add to what I’m already knowledgeable of. I have studied the basics of law for 4 years and I full understand this legal situation. My first time voting was in 2008, and I witness first had the mass amounts of African Americans that came out to the polls, so I can also relate form a personal experience. VII. Preliminary Sources Survey 1. Valelly, Richard. The Voting Rights Act. CQ Press, 2005. 400. Print. 2. Aretha, David. Selma and the Voting Rights Act: The Civil Rights Movement. Morgan Reynolds Publishing, 2007. 128. Print. 3. Blum, Edward. The Unintended Consequences of Section 5 of the Voting Rights . Washington, D.C.: AEI Press, 2007. 88. Print. 4. Foster, Lorn. The Voting Rights Act: Consequences and Implications . Praeger Publishers, 1985. 224. Print. 5. "The 1965 Enactment." United States Department of Justice. 2008. US Government, Web. 22 Feb 2010. . VIII. Research Methods and Materials 3x5 index cards 5x7 index cards Research folder Access to the library Web access

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