Voting Fraud And The American Political System Essay

980 Words Nov 15th, 2016 4 Pages
Voting Fraud, does it really exist in The American Political System? The question of whether voting fraud really exist has been a subject of discussion not only in this present or current election, but in the past few elections dating back at least 20 years. In this essay, this subject will be investigated to see if there is any evidence of voter registration fraud, is voting fraud a myth or a reality, and is voting fraud a political strategy to win or steal elections. The purpose for selecting this particular subject and article is because of all the controversies that are surrounding this election between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. One of the key things that have made this a major issue is the way this subject is being reported through the media. This country has a peculiar way of diverting attention to things it wants to program the American population with. Journalist can shape mindsets, and can project an opinion just based upon how they place words within an article. The assignment for this paper is to see if by reading, and studying an article, can certain hidden language, and conclusions whether supported or unsupported can be detected within the text. Another purpose of this assignment is to see if the originator of the article has any biases towards a certain outcome. How Charges of Voter Fraud Became a Political Strategy, is the article being examined in this assignment? One quote by Michael Wines about Donald Trump is “that the presidential election has…

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