Volunteering For A Mentoring Program With At Risk Children Essay

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Volunteering can play a major role in ones health and happiness. It doesn’t have to take much time nor effort in order to leave an impact on someone by either helping them out or even volunteering. However you want to do it, there are many different ways to go about it. Early in the chapter Svoboda mentioned herself getting involved in a mentoring program with at-risk children. The time spent with a child can have great affects on not only them, but you as well. Svoboda states “a mental shift that had a way of putting my other work and life concerns in perspective” (91). No one knows exactly what someone is going through or what he or she has been through, so having the ability for them to open up and share their story with someone who cares and are willing to listen could be vary uplifting. “Volunteers, the data indicates, are healthier as well as happier than nonvolunteers, and a recent study suggests they may also live longer” (Svoboda 92). Whether it’s something big or something small, no one will ever come out of it with a bad attitude. Anyone who contributes to volunteering will get that since of pride knowing they had done something that could initially inspire someone. In the end of it all, you may get more out of it than what you actually give. “There’s the feeling of doing things that are good that makes me feel happy, and I’m learning so much more about the world and about other people” (Svoboda 90) Moral treatment was a way for patients to help other patients…

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