Vm Science Essay

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Brand & In Store Communications
CHAPTER – 1 1. Definition and Functions of VM 2. Display Basics 3. Design Basics 4. Principles of Design 5. Color Blocking

Presented by Nitya Mishra Ruhi Rukmini Sampada Pathak

Definition and Function
Visual Merchandising is defined as the presentation of any and all merchandise at its best. Visual merchandising is the activity and profession of developing the floor plans and three-dimensional displays in order to maximise sales.[ The world of visual merchandising is all about fascinating tools of display which help transform shoppers into stoppers; walk bys into walk ins; and passers by into passers who buy! A visual merchandiser sets the store and its merchandise in such way as to reflect the
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• Setting the company apart in an exclusive position. • Establishing linkage among fashion, product design and marketing by keeping the product in prime focus .

Display Basics
• A good display is the result of planning, co-ordination and co operation. • Themes – before planning a display one needs to arrive at a theme an idea that will stimulate sales and inspire display person to create an eye catching display. • Key copy – whole theme or idea should be summed up in a copy card (signage) that is generally placed somewhere in the display area. • Image promotion – image promoting displays. • Clarity – display should project clarity. May be focus on a classification or a theme or idea rather than cluttering with too many things.

Significance of a Display
• Making it easier for the shopper to locate the desired category and merchandise. • Making it possible for the shopper to co- ordinate and accessorize. • Making it easy for the shopper to self select. • Providing information on sizes, colors, and prices. • Informing about the latest fashion trends by highlighting them at strategic locations. • Making efforts that can increase the sales, especially add on. • Increasing operational efficiencies. • Saving both sales persons and shopper’s time. • Increasing the efficiencies of sales persons. • Being a silent sales person – giving information and doing

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