Vivid Language And Hyperboles In Fast Break

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In “Fast Break” Edward Hirsch dedicated his poem to Dennis Turner. Edward Hirsch did this because Mr. Turner was a really good friend or family member who loved the game of basketball. Mr. Edward Hirsch uses vivid language, and hyperboles in “Fast Break’ to show a hard working team re-bounding the ball and hurrying to score, before time runs out. Throughout “Fast Break” the poet uses hyperboles to make his poem very dramatic. For example, (L.11) “looks stunned and nailed to the floor.” This line shows that he is over exaggerating because the defenders feet weren’t actually nailed to the floor, this provokes interest in the reader. Another example would be (L. 25-26) “while the power-forward explodes past them in a fury, taking the ball into the air.” Nothing is actually exploding, there are no explosives in basketball. The use of hyperboles intrigues the reader’s attention. …show more content…
When using vivid word you are using over-sized words that bring up feelings. They are also very descriptive and make people look sophisticated when they really aren’t. For example, (L. 3) the poet uses the word “gangly” to describe the player jumping for the ball. Instead of saying the player was tall and thin, Mr. Hirsch used the word gangly because the descriptive vocabulary makes him look intelligent. In conclusion, Mr. Edward Hirsch uses hyperboles and vivid language in “Fast Break”. He shows his love for the game and expresses how he feels when they throw the ball away at the last

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