Viviane Sassen Case Study

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Viviane Sassen is one of those photographers that seem to use her camera as a toy and the frame and the world is her playground. Her images are colourful and playful and she is never afraid to use odd angles or weird shapes. The people in her images looks like sculptures, and it doesn’t seem to be any objects or materials that can’t be looking amazing in her world and in her pictures. The playfulness reminds you of a photographic version of the great painter Picasso, where the antique romance and all the rules do not longer exits. She says herself that she is not interested in making narrative images. She is more interested in shapes and to make her models or objects look like sculptures. Sassen started her studies in order
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Something that is quite common in Sassens images, and something that can goes back to the memories of confusion in her early ages. With the bright colours and shot in the daylight the image seems harmless. But as often seen in the world of Vivianes photographs, the faces are hidden. It raises the question of who they are, and what they are doing. Are they hugging, fighting or is one caring the …show more content…
And who belongs in the genre staged photography? Where goes the line between them. In theory, everybody with a smart phone can at any time they feel, take a spontaneous photograph in the decisive moment. The different is only that it’s not the type of genre that make someone a photographer. The key element is not which type of photography genre you choose to express yourself, it’s the artistic factor that matters. No matter how much the technique develops and gets better, the camera will always only be the tool to create the image. In the same way that the instrument is not the one who creates a great musician, it will never be the camera who defines and makes the photographer. To become a photographer, you have to be an artist. Crewdson and Sassen photographs are from two different worlds, and there is not much common between them. In photography they both work styles and genres that are the opposites to each other. But there is one major thing they do have in common. Both of them create images from their childhood and their past. They use photography to explain what’s inside of them, that they can’t explain with words. In both cases, they speak about how the first part of their lives, the childhood memories and the relationship to their fathers. Viviane who spent her first period of her live in Africa, keeps going back to photographing black men and women. Her fascination is easy to see, but the explanation of why

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