Wit Margaret Edson Analysis

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Professor Bearing’s Journey Through Cancer In the story “Wit “by Margaret Edson, the author depicts how a professor by the name Vivian Bearing was brilliant, cold hearted and then she became filled with kindness. Professor Bearing was a tough love teacher; she doesn’t really care about the students and their struggles. Her main fervor is for 17th Century poetry, especially the complicated Holy Sonnets of John Donne; well at least at the beginning of the play. In the latter half of the story Professor Bearing begins to drift away from her cold- heartedness as she gets flash backs on how she was before she found out she had cancer. This question is particularly because it shows the transition of feelings that Ms. Bearing felt as she heard she …show more content…
Professor bearing also thought about Jason and how she should have given him an A in her class because it was a very complex class.
Vivian’s end- of –life wishes wasn’t said but it was implied she desired to go outside like her professor told her, and have some fun outside of the library. She also desired that she had been a more humane teacher. These were little wishes we had wanted but didn’t have.
Ms. Vivian actually had two types of wishes which are: her wish about her social life and herself as a teacher and the other was what she wanted to do if her heart stopped beating. While Ms. Vivian and her primary nurse, Susie, were eating popsicles Susie told Professor Bearing that she had to think about her code status if her heart stopped beating (558). She had two choices the first one is she can be “full code”, which means they will call a blue code if her heart stops beating and resuscitate her and put her in Intensive Care until she is stable. The second one is that she can be “DNR” meaning Do Not Resuscitate; so if Professor Bearing heart stopped they will just let it. Professor Bearing knew that at some point in time she would have to die, but she couldn’t bear the pain as Dr. Kelekian thought. Vivian maybe chose “DNR” because she couldn’t deal with the pain; the disease doesn’t make
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Vivian’s decision, especially Susie. Susie and Ms. Vivian had like a low key close relationship, Professor Bearing allowed Susie to call her “sweetheart” and that is something she would have never allowed before she found out she had cancer. Susie took her decision the hardest because she was like taking most care of her and she liked her very much. Jason felt sad but didn’t say anything but one could have seen it in his face, he thought about how she was a tough love professor in her teaching days. She visits her past and wished she had been more humane with her students. Also seeing one of her previous students as her doctor is kind of an embarrassing moment for her, she felt that she could have given him an A+, but at that point nothing could be done. Instead of him learning from her, it was the opposite, she was learning from him as he run tests and other stuff on

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