Vito Corleone In The Godfather

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Vito Corleone, portrayed by Marlon Brando, is the patriarch and heads the Corleone family in The Godfather. He plays a shrewd Mafia boss known as the Godfather an older man in the first movie of this trilogy; however; as a young man, he is a depicted as a callous, yet ambitious Sicilian immigrant in New York. Vito is a loving father and husband who represents strong family, traditional values; preserving the sacredness of the family at any cost. One of the first examples of strong family values happens at the beginning of the movie when Vito refuses to take the family photograph at Connie’s wedding without Michael; although, it would be beneficial not to wait.

Vito is conscientious to build his “Family Business’ with the business coming after
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Mama Corleone, played by Morgana King, is rarely shown in the film and is mostly silent; except for when she sings at Connie’s wedding. Connie is primarily exposed as a victim, first by her husband Carlo and then of her brothers, Michael, and Sonny. Michael’s first wife, Apollonia, is analogously powerless; as her father prearranges her wedding, and she is murdered because of a grudge against her husband. Kay, is frail and gullible, believing Michael when he deceives her stating that he did not have Carlo slain. However, by the end of the film, Kay, realizes what Michael had become; seeing Michael surrounded by his regime. Her reaction is infuriate, yet, it’s obvious that she is unable to do anything about Michael's conversion from her loving husband to “Mob Boss.”

The deep-seated message in The Godfather is that in spite of ability and intelligence if you leave behind your humanity in pursuit of the most well-intentioned goal, you can annihilate what you value most. The sons of Vito Corleone all have traits of their father's character, but each has a fatal weakness: Fredo is destroyed by his jealousy of Michael, Sonny is destroyed by fury, and Michael trades his humanity in an attempt to protect his family; thereby losing

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