Virtue Ethics As A Valuable Moral Theory Essay

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In this essay I will agree with Hursthouse 's statement. I will discuss virtue ethics as a valuable moral theory and explore the influence of Aristotle. I will highlight some issues with virtue ethics, provide some possible responses, discuss the other two leading theories in normative ethics (Deontology and Consequentialism) and then finally compare all three theories together. According the Hursthouse "A virtuous agent is one who acts virtuously, that is, one who has and exercises the virtues... A virtue is a character trait a human being needs for Eudaimonia" Virtue ethics is a moral theory that endorses the importance of an agent 's character and their virtuous attributes. This differs from other moral theories such as Deontology which is concerned with doing one 's duty or Consequentialism which is concerned with bringing about the best consequences. I am a defender of Virtue Ethics because it accommodates experiences and praises virtuous characteristics of the individual such as wisdom. If one is applying virtue ethics to a situation, one would consider what makes a virtuous person and would then attempt to act in the same way as that virtuous person.
The works of Aristotle have been highly influential in terms of defining the virtues and how they can be identified in a person. For Aristotle, the virtuous person has all of the desired traits and he stated that the virtues derive from a natural born seed that needs to be nourished and nurtured in order to…

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