Virtue Ethics Case Study: 20-Year-Old Father's Toys

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20-year-old Carl is babysitting his 6-year-old nephew David. David loves to play with his older sister’s toys such as dolls and dress up sets. David’s parents don’t approve of him playing with girl toys. They will only give him boy toys such as GI joes and toy guns. Carl is babysitting David and David starts playing with his sister’s toys. Carl also knows that David’s parents don’t like him playing with his sister’s toys. David is most likely to tell his parts what Carl lets him do. Carl has to figure out if he should let David play with his older sister’s toys or do something else. Two moral theories that I used to analyze this case would be virtue ethics and feminist ethics. Virtue ethics is a theory that emphasizes the characteristics and …show more content…
They will do things such as play dress up, house, school all the girlie games. Boys get looked down on. It’s called gender policing. It simply says that girls can play with boy’s toys and not get shamed with it, but boys can’t play with girl toys. It is sexist. Not letting boys play with girl toys is kind of like telling your 5-year-old son that crying is not allowed. That Men do not cry. I think boys should be able to play with girl toys. Boys shouldn’t get looked down on for what they play with. Instead of not letting them play with girl toys let them but as they grow up you’ll teach them and direct them towards. Let them know that there is a difference in girl toys and boy toys. Carl uses virtue ethics by analyzing the situation and gains enough courage to tell David that he should play with different toys instead of telling him straight up “NO!” Carl should say to David, “Hey, David instead of playing with those dolls how about me and you go fight off the bad guys with your GI Joes.” Carl will use feminist ethics by not being harsh and sexist by yelling at him to stay away from the toys, but try and give him different toys to play with. That’s a much better way to handle the situation. You aren’t being sexist and you aren’t being too harsh with the child. You are always willing to tell him you’ll play with him which will lead him to more likely playing with his boy toys if he has someone to play

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