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Once you have raised your virtual child through age 5, respond thoroughly to the following questions. 1. Describe your child’s language and cognitive development throughout early childhood. Discuss how his/her language and cognition has affected interactions with you by giving specific examples. Olivia has always seemed to be ahead in her language abilities, such as in vocabulary and in advanced thinking skills of creating sentences and understandings of what someone is asking. At three

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In this, I knew that she was only using this imaginary friend for free-time play and was not using it for all of her social situations.
According to the text, children who partake in socio-dramatic play at an early age may become better at following classroom rules and regulating emotions in self-control (p.322). When I saw this information, I had such relief in that she would be developing her self-control abilities with make-believe play, which would be readying her for kindergarten. Also, children that participate in make-believe play would be developing skills and competencies for when the real situations arise in development, such as pretending to go to sleep at a certain time and pretending to make a big meal for a family. In recent studies, socio-dramatic play has helped preschooler’s interactions to last longer with playmates, to show more involvement in some activities, and to become more cooperative (p.319). I was really excited to hear this statement, since Olivia has always seemed to be more of an outsider, related to others of her age-group. But with the development of dramatic play, she might have become more involved with the people around her that were of the same age.
Since she was starting to have an imaginary friend, I was becoming concerned. I wanted her to interact with real people, rather than someone who was not really there, but it has not
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