Virginia Woolf's Style Analysis

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This challenged traditional writing because we see a lot more female writers then we see males in our time period. Woman were not suppose to do anything but to cook and clean. Also suppose to marry any random guy but in Virginia Woolf 's writing we that the girl runs away because she does not desire the guy. It is not fair that a woman should be forced into a relationship with some random guy. This text shows us that woman basically are nothing but slaves in the house, the woman were forced to do all the hard work and the men just worked or whatever they did. Women were never writers in a traditional idea but now they are writing everything book, movies, and poems. This challenges the traditional idea because we are not used to seeing females artist in the renaissance era it was all males . They were Leonardo Da Vinci , Michelangelo , and Raphael. There was no woman to the renaissance era and she challenged the idea that woman can become a writer and can do more than be a slave in the house. As a piece of composition Woof”s style is different but I think is really easy to understand and too me she explains things to me that I really understand the text. Woof means in her quote that a woman is so busy in a regular house with everything around her she has to worry about …show more content…
I Believe woolf would say that men write to men and never try to express himself or rarely fight for what they believe in. Woman Writer cater to everybody and usually are good books. “One cannot think well, love well. sleep well, if one has not dined well”(750, Woolf). Woolf says women need a room to their own so they can only focus on their own writing. Doesn’t everybody, We can not sit in a room full of noise and distractions and expect to write a great story. It doesn 't work like that, you need to focus and be in a relaxing environment. Also you need some good food in you to feed your

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