Virginia Commonwealth State Agency Northrop 's Critical System Outage

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Virginia Commonwealth State Agency-Northrop Grumman Critical System Outage

The commonwealth of Virginia experienced an information technology storage area network outage on August 25th 2010. This affected several agencies and caused 13% of the file servers to fail. The failure mainly impacted the Department of Motor Vehicles and Department of taxation. Because of the outage problem, DMV couldn’t process driver’s licenses and couldn’t share data with other agencies. (1) DMV has been unable to process in-person driver’s licenses or ID cards at its 74 customer service centers. The root cause of the failure was identified as the memory card of the EMC DMX-3 SAN array. Even though the primary cause of the failure was the SAN array, the database backup unavailability put the agencies out of service. Manufactures of the storage system claimed failure of SAN EMC DMX-3 is due to the memory card failure and the problem SAN failure was unprecedented.
DMV ended up compensating for 1069 hours for 8 days of outage. Due to the outage, DMV has to work overtime on the Labor Day weekend and it costed them around $1.2 million. DMV also paid the employees who worked overtime, one and half time plus the supplemental pay of $250 for Saturday full day and $125 for half day on Sunday and Labor Day. DMV spent about an average of $400 per hour to run each of its customer service center. (3)The Virginia Government requested Northrop Grumman to conduct an independent third-party audit to find the…

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