Violence Is Never A Good Thing For Any One Essay

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Violence is never a good thing for any one and because of violence a lot of people have gotten hurt very bad or even killed. However, these senseless acts will never stop or change and has been going on for year. Therefore, in 1970 Lenore Walker developed the social cycle theory known as the cycle of violence. She created this cycle in hopes of limiting some of the domestic violence and abuse that women were dealing with. Now this cycle has four stages of violence in it which consists of tension building, the incident, reconciliation, and calm. Yet, each stage has a different level of violence as well as abuse and how the victim feels at that stage. Therefore, the first stage is called the tension building stage. At this stage the abuser starts to get angry, there is no form of communication or a breakdown of communication between them and the victim and the victim tries to keep them calm n.d). Furthermore, the victim feels a sense of fear and anxiety toward their abuser ( n.d.). However, abuse can begin at this stage because of the anger and the breakdown in communication. Next, there is the incident stage which is where the enactment of the abusive incident occurs whether it’s physical, sexual or emotional in nature ( n.d.). However, this stage also uses intimidation as a way to facilitate the abuse taking place ( n.d.). The third stage is called the reconciliation or make-up…

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