Violence : A State Of Nature Essay

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Violence as seen in many communities is a very debated topic. The question most discussed tends to be when it’s okay to use violence against another individual. In terms of John Locke, in the absence of government in a civic society one has every right to use violence as self defense to protect their life, liberty and estates; any aggression towards another person is a challenge of the victims’ freedom whether there be a common judge or not. Even in a state of nature, rights still exist and take president since everyone is free, equal and has a right to private property. In a state of nature when self interest, bias and revenge are present each can lead to a state of war. People join societies in order to gain protection, but what if society isn’t there to protect you? Before society, people would live in a state of nature. In a state of nature, Locke says that we are free, equal and have rights to our private property specifically when he writes, “Being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions.” According to Locke, nobody in a state of nature is responsible for another human being; however, this doesn’t give one the authority to recklessly abuse another. In a state of nature, natural laws still exist, because they are universal. Private property in the opinion of Locke is extracting something from the commons; exerting labor into something gives it value and then is when it becomes property. Possible…

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