Importance Of Voltaire's Enlightenment Thinker

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Who do you think was the most important and influential Enlightenment thinker? Some might say it’s Montesquieu, Mary Wollstonecraft, or even Voltaire. But there are some people that find John Locke as the most important and influential Enlightenment thinker, and he is. Being a scholar, physician, and also being well-experienced in politics and business already gives him a good appearance for being the most important and influential, even the French philosopher Voltaire called Locke, “the man of the greatest wisdom”. But what makes John Locke the most important and influential Enlightenment thinker? From protecting our three natural rights, limiting and aiming at a balance of power, and creating writings that are important in the rise of liberalism in political philosophy already lets people know just how important he is. …show more content…
John Locke believed that all people are born free and equal with their three natural rights, and also believed that each individual has property in his own person. Every man has property in his own person and has mixed his labour with what he owns, and government has no right to take it from him without his consent, and that the purpose of government is to protect those three rights, if a government fails to do so, citizens have a right to overthrow it. And those views were most fully developed in Locke’s famous “Second Treatise Concerning Civil Government”. This explains how John Locke’s actions had a big impact to individuals around the world, even leading to today. Without having him help protect our three natural rights our lives today would have a jurassic difference without him having to do what he believed in and thought what was

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