Ethical Standard 3.06 Summary

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Standard 3.06
a. The Zimbardo Prison Study Experiment video demonstrates a violation of the Ethical Standard 3.06. The Ethical Principles of Psychologists titles this standard as Conflict of Interest. According to this standard, it is a psychologist’s duty to refrain from partaking in a professional role whenever personal, scientific, professional, legal, financial, or other interests or relationships could impair the psychologist or the person or organization they are working with. The Standard is broken down into two subparts. Part (1) explains how psychologists should abstain from their role if there is impairment in their objectivity, competence, or effectiveness in their ability to perform as the psychologist. Part (2) describes how psychologists
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Violations were indicated frequently throughout the video about the Zimbardo Prison Study. During time point min 13:52 the violation of Standard 3.06 is present. It is explained as Philip Zimbardo and the staff of the study treated Prisoner 8612 unfairly and coldly for wanting out of the study due to the treatment he was receiving. This was due to Zimbardo’s neglect as his role of psychologist and being aware of what was happening in the study, Prisoner 8612 could have been drastically harmed if his role of prisoner was continued. At the beginning, he was pretending to be crazy but eventually became crazy. He could have been mentally harmed permanently if his role had continued. This time point is mainly directed towards both parts of Standard 3.06. Part (1) was violated as Zimbardo’s competence as psychologist was impaired as he did not consider the effects of what could happen to Prisoner 8612. Part (2) was violated as Zimbardo exposes Prisoner 8612 to harm as he was treated harshly by the prison guards and suffered from mental issues from the …show more content…
Philip Zimbardo neglected his responsibility as the psychologist, as his objectivity was impaired. He was thinking more as the Prison Superintendent than he was as the Psychologist when issues occurred. Additionally, Zimbardo allowed the harm of both groups in the study. Part (1) of the Ethical Principles of Psychologist Standard 3.06 is violated throughout the points as each time explains how Zimbardo became too involved in his role of the Prison Superintendent. Becoming too involved in this role impaired his objectivity, competence, and effectiveness of performing his duties of psychologist in the study. Part (2)’s violation is recognized as Zimbardo exposes the prisoners and prison guards to harm during the study. Zimbardo neglected his role as psychologist, proven through each scene mentioned, therefore contributing to the main violation of this

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