Essay on Vincent Van Gogh And His Life

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Vincent van Gogh once said, “I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process” (“Vincent Van Gogh, and His Paintings”). The only thing a lot of people know about Vincent is that he truly did lose his mind and that he cut his own earlobe off. They don’t know anything about his work or his history. Vincent was a unique and unusual man, yet he truly was an artistic genius. Like so many, though, this wasn’t realized until after he had already passed.
The oldest of six children, Vincent was the son of a Dutch pastor, born on March 30,
1853. His parents firstborn son, also named Vincent, was born and died on March 30, the same date Vincent was born. This history haunted him and made him question his identity, affecting how he thought of himself. He did develop a close bond with his younger brother Theo, who helped and guided him throughout his life, but Vincent spent much of his time alone. Several of his uncles were art dealers, so art and religion were a large part of Vincent’s upbringing.
Despite being intelligent, Vincent did not do well academically. He found school sad and lonely, so at the age of fifteen, his father sent him to work. At the age of sixteen, his Uncle arranged for Vincent to work in The Hague in the Goupil & Cie Gallery as an art dealer. Later,
Goupil transferred Vincent to London then to Paris. After this relocation, Vincent lost his desire to be an art dealer, and turned to religion and preached the gospel. Vincent was…

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