Vincent Van Arles, At Night

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Vincent van Gogh once said, “I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process” (“Vincent Van Gogh, and His Paintings”). The only thing a lot of people know about Vincent is that he truly did lose his mind and that he cut his own earlobe off. They don’t know anything about his work or his history. Vincent was a unique and unusual man, yet he truly was an artistic genius. Like so many, though, this wasn’t realized until after he had already passed.
The oldest of six children, Vincent was the son of a Dutch pastor, born on March 30,
1853. His parents firstborn son, also named Vincent, was born and died on March 30, the same date Vincent was born. This history haunted him and made him question his identity, affecting how he thought
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Night scenes would have been based on sketches but painted in daylight. Vincent, however, was the first to paint outdoors at night. The brushstrokes vibrate with the excitement and pleasure
Vincent experienced while painting this work. The back is almost completely dark, and as you move closer, it becomes lighter and brighter. Using contrasting colors and tones, Vincent managed to create a luminous surface that glows with an interior light. The emphasis is on the café, all the lines of composition point to it drawing the eye along the pavement. This was another one of Vincent’s paintings that signified his hope for the world.
Vincent van Gogh was a very talented artist. He went through many careers before he taught himself how to draw and paint, and he will know how successful he is today. His artwork has a sense of the real world and is famous for its expressive abilities. His work is still to this day influencing up-and-coming artist. Vincent van Gogh was an outstanding artist and he will forever be remembered as one of the

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