Vikings Influence On European Culture

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Chapter 6: The influence of the Viking culture in Europe
History has proven that when culture mix some tend to have a stronger impact on the others and in so giving birth to stronger new communities. The Vikings have proven that they were more than the barbarians they were described to be.
Looting was not exclusive to them and their warrior culture and ethics perhaps contributed to the atrocities they committed (although there is nothing that can really justify that). The changes that occurred in Europe during the Viking era and way after the end of it had carefully fused with other cultures, unnoticed until humanity began giving more importance to education. If it was not for the Renaissance, we would have not known about half of the things
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In terms of language the Norsemen were more influenced by the language of their conquered territories than in Britain. The Normans were more present in places like Seine valley, the Plain of Caen, Bessin, Cotentin and Pays de Caux.
Apart from their legacy in state organization (thanks to their inheritance of the Norse warrior ethics), they have also contributed to the development of the French language. Having been spoken for over a century in the duchy, The Norman language ended up mixing with the Frankish and Roman languages.
The Norse influence is mostly present in family names like, for instance, Angot, Anquetil, Toustain, Bournouf, Turgis, Thouroude, etc. And names of places like Gonneville, Hatainville, Tourville , etc.
The Norseman through its interaction with others was able to prove that he was more than just a vulgar looter who could spread fear and insecurity throughout western Europe. The Norse culture was able to mold Norse leaders who were able to conquer, make allies and form new powerful Kingdoms away from their native Scandinavia, and introduce the Norse culture to the

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