Marie Anne Vigee Lebrun Analysis

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Marie-Louise-Elisabeth Vigée Lebrun was a painter, she made historic paintings and were sought after her work especially from women, she was a favorite artist of aristocratic patrons throughout Europe at the end of the eighteenth century including Marie Antoinette, and had a predominant sense of style and skill in her painting’s. The spark of her passion started at a young age with the art’s. She proved that she was somewhat of a prodigy with her talents. In her teen years, her fame inclined, she attracted many wealthy artists who wanted to have their own portraits done by her. In 1774, she was accepted into Académie de Saint Luc, this increased her exposure and professional career. Vigée Lebrun has a painting style that was captivating and …show more content…
Vigée LeBrun has only started in her prime of success. She received her first royal commission in 1776, producing several portraits of the king 's brother, Comte de Provence. Le Brun took off to Versailles to paint Marie Antoinette for the first time. She became the queen 's favorite portraitist because she displayed Marie Antoinette’s fashion sense with her extravagancy and avant-garde style, to the world through her painting’s of Marie Antoinette. Some of her other paintings of the Queen were in a more private and reserved aspect. The queen, so pleased that over many years, Vigée LeBrun would paint more than thirty portraits of the queen including, La reine marie Antoinette dans le parc de Versailles (1780). Vigée LeBrun captured all of her different outfits in a broad spectrum. The formal wear which was the queen’s typical look and what was expected for her high position. To a more casual look’s that were not as expected and questionable to the public eye. These portraits were held in different settings, from in home to nature based. On occasion, Marie Antoinette’s family was featured. This was Leading to Vigee Lebrun being very highly respected and viewed as the official portraitist of Marie

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