Vietnam War Effects

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The Vietnam War and Its Effects on America From 1955 to 1975, a long, hideous war raged on throughout Asia. North Vietnam and their allies, the Viet Cong, faced off against South Vietnam and their U.S. allies over the communist control of North Vietnam (Tran & Fermoyle, 2012). The war ultimately ended with the U.S. withdrawing their forces and South Vietnam surrendering to the communist North. Aside from the loss of millions of lives, the war had costly effects on the face of America. At roughly twenty years long, the Vietnam War was the longest war the U.S. had ever fought. Within those twenty years, many changes occurred throughout America. The country 's defeat in the war became the first time the U.S. lost a war (World History Group, 2016). Also, for the first …show more content…
First off, nobody expected for the North Vietnam and Vietcong military to be so strong. American soldiers were not used to their guerilla warfare strategies. Also, the Vietcong was willing to die for their cause, whereas U.S. soldiers weren 't confident in this battle and felt they had no chance of winning the war. Communism was not threatening America directly, and there wasn 't much support from home. Also, many of the soldiers were furious that the government had lied to them. When they returned home, a lot of them joined in with the antiwar resistance. The U.S. military basically crumbled under the pressure; the division and conflicts between America would leave a permanent scar on the army. The U.S. loss is also blamed on anti-war movements. At the start of the war, many Americans supported it. Confidence and buoyancy was still left over from America 's success in World War II, so many citizens could see yet another victory on the horizon. However, when heightened U.S. participation in 1965 failed to generate victorious upshots, doubt began to sink in. American citizens had been lied to; they were under the illusion that they could win the

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