Essay on Vietnam : A War Based On Lies

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Vietnam, a war based on lies. The Cold War’s increasing belief that the spread of the communist power would mean the end of freedom. "Reality is grim and painful. But it is only a remote echo of the anguish toward which a policy founded on illusion is surely taking us.” -John F. Kennedy. The American takeover of the newly born South Vietnam that hurt the people more than it helped, taking on a series of destruction and devastation rather than assisting and strengthening. The 11 year war that sparked a movement where greed and imperialism was challenged by the people. The conflict that lead to the first loss of freedom. (#6, p.1) Vietnam’s fight for freedom began post World War II, after an attempt from the French empire to reclaim its lost land in south east Asia. The French, wanting to retake control of the land, met an enemy ready to take back what is theirs. The freedom fighters wanting to liberate themselves from the French rule, banded together in hopes of being able to take down the superior and advancing army. Under the leadership of a new military strategizer Ho Chi Mihn, the freedom fighters started to take advantage over the pursuing French. Fueled by nationalism the fighters used guerrilla warfare, a overwhelming tactic to take out the aggressors, and put their advances to a stop after just 56 days. The defeat of the French lead to the eventual negotiations in Geneva, Switzerland in 1954. Under the name Geneva Accords, peace talks ensued until the a…

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