Video Games And Its Effects On Society Essay examples

1327 Words Mar 17th, 2015 6 Pages
The future is now, and video games are paving the way for electronics to help humans live happier, healthier lives. Video gaming has always been looked down on as being a hobby for nerds or a vent for antisocial kids, but with improving technologies and studies, the truth seems to be far from that. The uses and benefits stretch across a wide variety of things from exercise to helping veterans with PTSD. Children are engaging with each other moreover common interest in games. Studies have found that sports games lead kids-more often times than not-to go out and try the actual sport. This not only gets them active, but it also has a huge impact on their personalities and self esteems. With more children making friends and getting out over common interests found on gaming, the number of obese and socially-isolated children is becoming fewer and fewer in our society. Children with common fears have been helped to get over their fears by using virtual reality software that simulates them in their fearful situations; this allows them to safely realize the lack of danger in trivial matters. This has long term effects well into their adult lives because it helps them over the long term. Other conditions such as cancer are being affected by the use of video games in a big way. Escaping into engaging worlds and realities allows cancer patients to take their minds off of the pain and suffering they are going through. Educational games are also commonly used to help the patient…

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