Victoria Secret Essay

1292 Words Nov 5th, 2012 6 Pages
Allayah Carr
Professor Crystal Shelnutt
English 1101
September 20, 2012
Victoria’s Secret
Victoria’s Secret embodies the idea of Sex Sells as their main type of advertisement. They use beautiful young women to sell their product. Victoria’s Secret models have a distinct level of curiosity and allure that has a certain magnetizing effect on the consumer. This magnetism goes further than the undergarments itself. A recent advertisement from the lingerie company proves that the lingerie is just a prop. In the ad there is a billboard with Erin, a Victoria Secret Angel, who appears to be naked with a bar that is able to be scanned over her breasts as well as a caption that says “Reveal Erin’s Secret.” Once the barcode is scanned the image
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It hooks the male’s attention and reels them in so they buy the lingerie for their girlfriends and wives. The confidence, seduction, energy, playfulness, tease, everything that the Victoria’s Secret Angels bring to the actual product is somewhat transferred to the woman when they put on their lingerie. It brings out a flirty side to them that men enjoy. The idea of dressing up in sexy lingerie to achieve their inner angel in a sort of role play makes males a big supporter of

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