Veterans And The High Unemployment Rate Of Returning Veterans

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Since the tragic incidents that took place in 2001, the level of security for government agencies has grown exponentially. According to the U.S. Security Spending Since 9/11 (2011), “The United States has spent more than $7.6 trillion on defense and homeland security.” This statistic caused a group of veterans to look at their surroundings and contemplate what is happening at home, where their families live and work? After much consideration and evaluation of current statistical and analytical data, two veterans, both from the U.S. Army, developed a plan to fill a negated market; Americas’ communities. They are vulnerable to activities that even law enforcement has a difficult time managing.
During a conversation about the homeless veterans and the high unemployment rate of returning veterans. The idea came about to develop a security guard agency that served two purposes. The first topic would address the philanthropic perspective of giving back to society. The concept was to employ the veterans as guards. These veterans have special training and one thing that they would want more than anything is that honor to be able to continue their service to the same country that they volunteered to serve. The second perspective was to deploy these specially trained (now civilians), in the communities that they live in. From this idea Stryon Businesses LLC was formed.
Business Structure
During the development stage of Stryon Public Safety & Security it was discussed how the company…

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