Verbal Irony In Kate Chopin's The Story Of An Hour

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The phrase “she took that advice to heart” is a strange yet uncanny form of verbal irony. That phrase would be what would help mold and begin Kate Chopin’s successful writing career. After suffering the loss of her husband and mother, Kate, who was not only emotionally struggling, but financially as well, had visited a family friend and obstetrician. The obstetrician advised Kate to channel her deep feelings and begin writing, and she took that advice to heart. Kate Chopin is the founding mother of the new wave of brave feminist movements in writing. Chopin used her writings in stories such as The Story of an Hour to incorporate her feelings on the modern day woman’s role in society at the time. In this short story, not only does Chopin use her own thoughts and experiences through the main character, but she also uses that same verbal irony she is oh so famous for incorporating into her stories. …show more content…
Chopin was no doubt, a writer who was far ahead of her time. She dealt with a huge portion of these in her everyday life and made a point to not hide or conform to the stereotypical woman’s role. While many women fulfilled their "responsibilities", Chopin responded to this attempt to define and limit their roles with her own literature and work in the feminist movement. Chopin constantly withstood severe criticism by male critics for her themes and ideas of marriage, feminism and suicide in her novel “The Awakening”. The male critics found this novel controversial since one of the female characters has two lovers, which the critics considered as completely unethical for a woman to do. But of course, if she was a man, it would be a completely different

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