Venus De Willendorf Vs. Barbie Essay

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April 21, 2013
Venus de Willendorf VS The Barbie Doll
Who are they today?
Venus de Willendorf and Barbie are two very different representations of women and their beauty. Both are man-made and inspirational, both from two very different times. Venus by the homosapiens millions of years ago and Barbie a mere fifty years ago by a woman and mother looking for a doll her daughter could play and grow with. In looking at Venus de Willendorf and the Barbie doll, they seem to be related in a way and yet could not be any more different in appearance. In analyzing their culture and the time periods by which both were created, we learn a lot of who created them, what they stand for, how they are related and how they
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She would be forced over because her waist would be too narrow to support the weight of her upper body. Even knowing this, modern women still feel like Barbie has the perfect body along with the wardrobe most only dream about, the sports car, dream house fully furnished and career possibilities that are endless. As the times are different than they were in 1959 modern women have to work, cook, clean, be mothers and still feel they have to uphold the appearance of Barbie to be attractive for their husbands, significant others or society in general. The busier our schedules, the worse our diets become and less time we have to work-out and get exercise on a regular basis. Modern medicine helps women to achieve the Barbie look for a very hefty price. In modern culture, we accept having plastic surgery done in order to look and feel desired. We want to be thin, beautiful, have great hair and be able to wear a teeny bikini no matter what. Our reality is a whole lot different. There are a lot of medical reasons that women gain weight and/or simply cannot lose weight, one also has to consider hectic and busy schedules not leaving enough time for one to exercise as much as she might want to and sometimes we are just so tired, we cannot get up enough energy to cook a healthy meal or get to the gym for an hour or so. No matter the reason, in the end we look and

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