vendo printing machine Essay

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Upgraded Vendo Printing Machine


An Information Technology Project Proposal presented to
Faculty of the College of Computer Studies
Tarlac State University
Tarlac City


Clinton John D. Macapulay
Wally G. Soriano
Catherine R. Castillo
Lady Lyn R. Cayabyab
Jaime S. Santos
John Kennedy A. Gamboa
Micoh B. Zurbito

Chapter I
In the early years of modern human, technology gives a great value and innovation to mankind. Technology is rapidly growing. Almost every day there is a change or new invention created to make human task easily done and achieved. The Upgraded Vendo Printing Machine created in 2012 was one of the
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To utilize the upgrade vendo printing machine in the United Schools of Science and Technology Colleges.
The Upgraded Vendo Printing Machine will provide a processed output after a transaction is done. It will be operating eight (8) hours in a day. There is a corresponding amount of coins to be inserted in the coin acceptor of the machine to be able to process the printing transaction. The machine will only accept one peso (P 1.00) coin and the total amount required depends on the number of pages/copies to be print. The machine is capable of printing black and white or coloured text documents in a long or short band paper; it corresponds to P1.00 per page if the user selects short bond paper and P2.00 per page if the user selects long bond paper document either the size of the band paper. If the user’s payment has an excess, there is no change to be generated the excess payment will be given to the next user. There is a corresponding guidelines or instructions given for the user in the machine before using. The user can only print the document/s to the white bond paper that is included in the services. Another transaction would be needed for the student if he/she wishes to edit his /her documents before it is printed and it corresponds to another payment. Three minutes of editing is equivalent to one peso. After that, the system will be idle for a short time until the user

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