Vanna Venturi House Essay

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The Vanna Venturi House is built in the residential neighborhood of Chestnut Hill, which is in the Northwest Philadelphia section of the united states city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Several residences are built by celebrated architects nearby Vanna Venturi House. The building is surrounded by crabapple trees, which creates a peaceful and graceful environment. The house was colored to pale green to blend in the wonderful surroundings. There is a widely main street in front of the building, which can directly lead to the square of the little town.

Vanna Venturi house is full of complexity and contradiction. This feather is reflected not only in the interior and exterior, but also in the relationship between interior and exterior of the house. Firstly, it is both complex and simple. For the interior, the fireplace/chimney and the stair, which are two vertical elements compete for a central position. What’s more, one of these elements is entirely solid, the other entirely void. As a result, on one side the chimney and firework distort in shape and moves over a little; on the other side the stairway suddenly restricts its width and distorts its path because of the chimney. On the other hand, for the exterior, it seems simple and consistent as
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There are many basic elements of the house resist standard modernist architecture elements. An enclosure ground floor set consistently on the ground, rather than glass walls which open up the ground floor. And a non-structural applique arch reflects a return to mannerist architecture. The use of wood, which is a nature material, make it looks more ambiguous or noncommittal. In addition, it has a gabled roof rather than the flat roof. Two slopes meet together to form the main façade, and the pediment is too familiar and too old-fashioned. What’s more, the window looks like a hole in the wall, which also violated the convention of

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