Vampires : The Mystery Of Vampires Essay

1000 Words Apr 6th, 2016 null Page
Vampires have lived through stories and tales told by mouth or with pen and paper for centuries. Throughout the existence of vampires, they have evolved from scary, ugly, and sadistic to beautiful or handsome and caring creatures in a way. Not only have the vampires looks changed but their personality as well, for example the Vampire Diaries. Vampires have always had a sexual way to actions. A couple examples would be Dracula 's obsession with Lucy Weston or Carmilla 's love upon Mircalla. There is no one concrete reasons for the vampires change from horrify people to the sexual creatures in today 's stories and movies. One reason could be money; maybe the horror books and movies about vampires were not selling as good so an author changed it up. Seconds reason, changes by culture. The last reason could be an author 's different idea of vampires, or the feeling of changing the way vampires are looked at today. Vampires have always had a large fan base; this allowed producers to turn legends in the books to legends on the screen, like Dracula. Due to all of the fans vampires have, authors are able to make a large profit. The TV and Movie producers see the profit that authors are getting for their books, so they start making vampire movies or even make deals with the authors and turn their books into movies. For example, the Twilight franchise earned 6,145,100,000 dollars between all five movie, films, and merchandise. Vampires have changed a lot from the old…

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