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PRAISE FOR AUTHORS Merline Lovelace “Merline Lovelace’s Mind Games is an exciting and skillfully told tale.” —RT Book Reviews Lori Devoti “Lori Devoti provides yet another action-packed mythological tale.” —RT Book Reviews on Wild Hunt Linda Winstead Jones “Raintree: Haunted, by Linda Winstead Jones, is nonstop action from start to finish.” —RT Book Reviews Lisa Childs

“In Childs’s gripping tale…there are some surprising twists.” —RT Book Reviews Bonnie Vanak “Bonnie Vanak’s Enemy Lover offers nonstop excitement and great sexual tension.” —RT Book Reviews CHRISTMAS WITH A VAMPIRE Merline Lovelace Lori Devoti Linda Winstead Jones Lisa Childs Bonnie Vanak CONTENTS

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Over ten million copies of her works are now in print in more than thirty-one countries. When she’s not glued to her keyboard, Merline and her husband enjoy traveling and chasing little white balls around the fairways of Oklahoma. Check her website,, for information about other releases. To Brad, my handsome nephew and Oklahoma’s coolest state trooper. Thanks for the ride-along. And the stories of some of your wild stops. And all those “board meetings.” And most especially, for the joy your beautiful family has given me and Al over the years. CHAPTER ONE “WHAT THE—?” That was all Sergeant Brett Cooper had time for when the head lights of his cruiser speared into

the figure who seemed to have dropped out of the December night sky. She froze, caught like a deer in the swath of light, and Brett yanked the cruiser’s wheel. The black-and-white fishtailed wildly on the frost-rimmed dirt road. Brett had to employ every skill learned during his eleven years with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol to keep the squad car from skidding into one of the bur oaks crowding the narrow country road. Cursing, he pumped the brakes and brought the Crown Vic to a lurching halt.

His muscles had gone wire tight under the bulletproof vest he hadn’t had time to shed since coming off shift. Rolling his shoulders to unkink them, he aimed the cruiser’s powerful side spot at the woman now lurching toward the patrol car. She threw up an arm to

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