Values Are The Best Service Services, And Perform Every Job With Excellence

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I agree with Manning that states that institutions need to respect the individual, give the best service service, and perform every job with excellence are three basic values that businesses need (Bethel University, 2016). Values are the social glue within an organization, and can provide guidance for the employees (Manning & Curtis, 2008). The values are defining of the organization, if we say it then, we must do it, and sacrifice for it. Values are just as important to and organization as the vision is.

If I was the newly appointed leader in my current workplace, I would like to see service for others, respect for others, and integrity be the top three values. One of the main reasonings behind my choices is that we work for state/local government, and over a third of our funding is made up local tax dollars. To me we are doing the taxpayers a disservice if we do not fully treat them like the stakeholders they are to us. Without the taxpayers our jobs would not exist. Not matter the social status, income status, ethnicity, race, etc. everyone should be treated and respected the same way when they enter our workplace doors. This reasoning deals with two of the values that I would work to instill in our workplace. “Service for others, guided by the principle of doing for others as you would have them do for you” (Manning & Curtis, 2008, pg. 109). This will helps show the our patients that we truly care for them with our actions. When mentioning service and…

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