Value Chain for Canon Cameras Essay

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Primary Value-Adding Activities for Canon Part 1 (Person C)

As we can see from the complete value chain above, the primary value adding activities consist of inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales and service. For the purposes of this analysis, the value chain for Canon’s digital cameras will be isolated from other company divisions for analysis.

Inbound Logistics

Most of Canon’s manufacturing subsidiaries related to the production of their cameras are located in Japan or close by in Asia. It should be noted that they are also owned by Canon and the company as a whole covers a large portion of the overall supply chain which helps them have more control on the overall value chain from customers’
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Place: ‘Market subsidiaries’ or regional offices are located in every continent (with the exception of Antarctica) and Canon’s digital cameras are available for sale in most countries around the world.
Promotion: Canon promotes its non-professional digital camera products as being high in quality and user friendly.
The company communicates and reinforces its value proposition in the following ways on their company webpage: * ‘Canon Advantages’ – this section of their webpage is used to communicate differentiation of their products from competitors. * ‘Canon Digital Learning Centre’ – this section of their webpage is used to showcase special product features and tips for consumers. * ‘Canon Live Learning’ – this section of their webpage is used to promote workshops they hold in order to interact with customers and provide the service of teaching people how to use their products in addition to selling them. * ‘Compare Products’ – used as a guide to identify what kind of canon camera buyers are looking for.

Customer Service

Customer Service and Product Repairs:
Canon has support centers located in every country in which their products are sold. Customers can either call or e-mail questions and concerns to Canon’s regional offices or find a repair center that’s closest to them that they can visit.

Product Warrantees:
All warranties on Canon’s digital cameras and camcorders are slightly different depending on which country

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