Bestmedical Case Analysis Essay

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Due to the fact that there is a strong tendency of globalization, many companies decide to export their products. For this purpose they need to choose carefully the market to enter and a certain entry strategy for this market. Companies can face many different obstacles during the process of internationalization like difficulty of choice of an appropriate entry mode. Bestmedical is planning to export its products to the USA because it believes to be the most important market for them. Furthermore they want to enhance its market share, turnover and boost its position among competitors in the American market. About 50% of worldwide sales are made in the steadily growing American market. The worldwide market for urodynamics equipment and Disposables …show more content…
The purpose of this part is to give a clear overview of Bestmedical's activities, analyse the company's current position on the market and reveal the firm's strengths and weaknesses. 3.1.1COMPANY PROFILE BestMedical is a company from Enschede, the Netherlands, which was founded in January 1987 by Ger Dijkman. It is a small enterprise with only 5 employees. BestMedical is a company developing urodynamics equipment, flowmeters and other devices for diagnostics and treatment of urological and gynaecological diseases. The company can be viewed as a contract R&D organization with a 20 year experience in the industry, it develops and produces a wide range of urological and gynaecological equipment for different companies in the industry. Moreover, the firm is financed by state and regional grants and subsidies. For example, In 2010 bestmedical received a grant from the Province of Overijssel under the innovation program 'Overijssel innoveert Verder !". The core business of Bestmedical is research and development, the production is outsourced to partner manufacturers like Demcon in Enschede, Unitron in Hengelo and to some companies in Germany. Besides performing tasks for other companies, Bestmedical develops its own products. It is going to introduce its first line of the urodynamics equipment at the end of 2015 (Padberg, Personal communication,

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