Essay on Validity and Reliability Matrix

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Galinda Individual Validity and Reliability Matrix

Internal consistency--The application and appropriateness of internal consistency would be viewed as reliability. Internal consistency describes the continuous results provided in any given test. It guarantees that a range of items measure the singular method giving consistent scores. The appropriateness would be to use the re-test method in which the same test is given to be able to compare whether the internal consistency has done its job (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2010). For example a test that could be given is the proficiency test which provides three different parts to the test, but if a person does not pass the test the same test is given again.

Strengths—The strength of
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Face validity is a judgment concerning how relevant the test items appear to be (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2010). Face Validity is parameters used to evaluate the worth of a test also discover how the test performed. Face validity is most appropriate when test takers are confidence that the test is measuring what it is suppose to measure.

Strengths—The strength of face validity is if the test taker has assurance in the validity of the test, than he or she is likely to take the test, and the test user will administer the test. If the test taker or the test user is not sure of the validity there is a strong possibility that the test will not be taken and the test user will not administer the test.

Weaknesses—A test that lacks face validity may still be relevant and useful. If it is not perceived as such by test-takers, a parent, legislators, and others, than negative consequences may result. These consequences may range from a poor attitude on the part of the test-taker to lawsuits filed by disgruntled parties against a test user and test publishers (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2010).

Content validity—Measures of content validity are most useful in situations a test designer is trying to create test items that match the content of the material being tested (Cohen, Swerdilk, 2010). For example a timed typing test would examine the content area that the course covers. In order for employment test to be content

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